Cinnamon Apple "Fries"




Yield 1 apple

Guilt free sweet treat! Crisp apples breaded in graham cracker crumbs and air fried till the outside is crispy and the inside deliciously warm and barely tender.



1. Preheat air fryer or oven to 400 degree. 2. Peel, Core, and Cut apple into 8- 12 wedges. 3. In one bowl, beat egg. Add cinnamon.4. In another bowl, add the crumbs, whole wheat flour, and pinch of salt. 5. Dredge each apple in the egg mixture first followed by the crumb mixture. 6. Place the apples on a plate or baking sheet. When all have been coated, spray liberally with the oil spray on both sides. 7. Cook for 8- 10 minutes or until crispy, flipping halfway.


Any cracker or cookie will work! I have tried graham crackers, gingersnaps, and cinnamon teddy grahams! 

Courses Dessert

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